Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

How to Choose a Good 2D Animation Studio

An animation studio can portray moving images in 2D and 3D view. Choosing a good 2D animation studio is important in order to get graphics and other elements, such as cartoons, as per one's wishes. They can make an animated cartoon video according to the prevailing trend in the market.
How to choose a good 2D animation studio
By looking at their testimonials: Testimonials can be a great way to way to know how a company has performed, in terms of quality and quantity, till date. Testimonials are the feedback of the clients who have availed the services of an animation studio. Being in a better position to voice their opinion, negative and positive, their testimony can help a new entity to make out whether to choose or reject a studio.
By looking at their past work: Past work consists of videos that are already made by a studio. By looking thoroughly, a video can reveal about the quality of graphics, the uniqueness of character, the way a message is communicated and the overall feel generated by a video.
By looking at their client list: More often than not, you will always find a dedicated section showing the clients list of an animation studio. A studio having a global client may be leading other such studios. And having varied clients mean the vast exposure a studio has received in terms of doing a variety of videos.
By looking at their work force: A good animation studio will always have a dedicated team of animators, graphic designers, story board artists and script writers. Take your time to make out to know the professional level of people on their team.
By looking at the awards or the recognition they have attained over the years: Awards and recognition can reveal a lot about a dynamic and proficient animation studio. Recognition from someone capable means that a studio is not merely doing its work but also doing it qualitatively.
By looking at the price at which they are making a video: Price can also be a determining factor in choosing a studio. A proficient studio will always make the best use of all its resources, thus coming up with a video at a competitive price.
By looking at their post production services: It is better to clear beforehand about the post production services that a studio is offering. Try enquiring about the post production services that a studio is willing to provide you.