Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Go for an Animated Audio Video Production

Audio video productions have several advantages associated with them. They can be made to impart education, give training, entertain people and advertise a product. Advertising videos made with animation makes the message of the video more effective. Use of animation in advertising videos has done away with the requirement of large, bulky cameras which were not affordable to many of us.
An audio video production made with animation differs widely from the audio video production done without animation. Some of the differences between the two are:
Production cost: Producing animated videos are better value for money in comparison to videos made with real actors. Animated videos don't require the services of models or use of expensive cameras. This makes them easier to produce and since they are made with the specific software they also cost less.
Time taken to produce: With all the professionals sitting under one roof, animated videos are produced from a single location. This makes the video being produced in a lesser time in comparison to videos made with real models who may not be available at a particular time.
Target audience: An animation maker can make the animated video target a specific set of audience, but this is not the case with television audience as categorization with them is generally not possible.
Hassle free viewing: Viewers of television videos cannot choose to view them as per their wish, whereas animated videos can be viewed as many times as one wants.
Viral effect: Television videos cannot be shared; this makes them incapable of turning into viral videos. On the other hand, animated videos can be uploaded on different networking sites to make viewers share them with more and more people.
An animation maker with its animators, graphic designers and story board artists etc. can make a video do more in lesser time to promote the products and services of a business. The audio video production done by them could simply be hard to miss. An animation maker makes the video keeping in mind the above mentioned points. They go deep into the specific requirements of a client, like understanding his business objective, knowing his target audience, his tastes and preferences in terms of graphics and characters etc.
They use the characters to enhance the message and look of the video. Characters could be of an animal or a person. They can invoke a particular emotion in viewers so that they can share the video with several people several times, for instance they can be shown to get excited or feel nervous, thus making the viewers also feel the same