Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Attending Strip Clubs: A Guide For Men

Your first exposure to strip clubs can be an eye-opening experience. If all you know of these establishments is what you've seen on television and countless action movies, you may be surprised at the atmosphere. Whether you visit an upscale place or a seedy dive, you'll soon see that actually being there is a lot different from watching it on a screen. The concept of nearly naked (or fully naked), beautiful women dancing for your entertainment can be intoxicating. Combine that with alcohol and it's not uncommon for men to lose their sense of place. That's why it's important to have an idea of some guidelines before you walk in the door. Here's a guide for those who aren't quite sure how to approach an evening of adult entertainment.
Dress Appropriately
You don't need to put on your best suit to go to strip clubs (although no one ever died from dressing too nicely). At the same time, however, meet some standards of decency. Some men like to get a cheap thrill by wearing the loosest, thinnest pants they can find. Some establishments will turn you away at the door for wearing this kind of attire. Others will throw you out on the street once the reason for your attire becomes obvious. Don't be that guy. Put on some jeans.
Tip Generously
You need to remember that the establishment does not pay the dancers at almost every strip clubs. In fact, more often than not they have to pay the club to have access to the stage. That means they are in the hole from the start. They can easily dig their way out of that hole and make some money, however, if guys will come off their wallet. If you think you can enjoy a night of cheap entertainment for just the price of a couple of drinks, you should consider doing something else with your night. In fact, management may insist that you do so.
Don't Take Liberties
There is probably the easiest way to get thrown out of strip clubs and placed on a blacklist. You may even have your face cosmetically adjusted for the trouble. Don't try to push your luck. If there are rules regarding what you can and can't do in terms of touching, follow those rules. One infraction may get you a warning, or it could be that you're in a zero tolerance environment. You'll find out quickly. And if the rules at one particular place are more liberal than most, they will almost certainly let you know